Fizzy Pops Party - Children's Party Planners

         Multi Sports party
      These parties require a big space.   Halls, parks, fields, big gardens are great for these parties. 

      Includes Party invites to print off and send to your friends .
      Orienteering Games – A rewarding and exciting selection of adapted orienteering games,
      Including the following Relay-tag
      Team treasure-tag hunt. 

      Fun Skills Circuit with stations including: 
      Space hopper relay
      Basketball bounce
      Ladder runs 
      This is a particular favourite and a chance for all children to feel like a winner!


      Frolf’– Children will be talking about this for weeks !!! If you have the space then the only question is, ‘Anyone for a game of Frolf?’ – A nine whole game of golf with a Frisbee.
      Multi sports Team Games- A huge selection of team games. Some may be familiar, others, new and exciting to learn with names that all participants will be repeating over and over!

      Prize Giving– All children will be presented with a Certificate and participation Badge/Medal and if requested a sports related ‘Treat Bag’.
      Children are required to wear sports kit to enable them to join in all the fun games.

      Discounts apply for 10 or more children
      Don't forget your party bags and party essentials.
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