Fizzy Pops Party - Children's Party Planners
The perfect party for small babies
4-12 months

      Your party includes
 8 x Sensory tubs with various tub sensations
Personal Baby sensory invites to print off and send to your friends
Baby snacks
Sensory Discovery Bags

Your party includes
A discovery bag for each baby to explore
Sensory light and sound sensations 
Personal baby sensory Invites to print off and    send to your friends

Baby snacks  
Introducing the ultimate sensory session for your little baby.
Send your baby's senses soaring as we create an environment which will let them have fun whilst they are fully engaged in a unique activity. Enjoy watching the reaction of your babe as they experience the opportunity to sit in various tub sensations!
The role of Sensory Play - From the very first day they are born, babies are designed to explore the world via their senses but they need help organising all of the stimuli which comes at them. Simply, they need help in learning how to use their senses.
Sensory Play is calming - it helps to regulate their internal discomfort, whether that discomfort is boredom, restlessness
or some other type of agitation.
Sensory Play and language - When talking to a child who has been exposed to Sensory Play, you are able to use more descriptive language, linking different colours, sounds and feels to talk about the world around them.
Sensory Play often helps to build fine motor skills by exploring things using pinching, pouring and lacing movements.
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